lets get to work.

You’re here, your yard is either in bad shape or needs someone who knows how to take care of it. Let me be of service. 


Using an edger, vs the traditional string trimmer, gives the yard an extreme border definition. It provides that crisp deep edge that'll make your yard stand out from the rest.


Trimming is where the detail work is at. Part of the puzzle that helps bring the yard to life. Every yard I service gets that type of work. No fence line, trees, or decorative pieces are unattended to.


I offer fertilizing, using organic matter, to help bring the lush green back to yard. This is applied once every 5 weeks. Give it a try, lets see what we can do.

weed control

I combine the weed control substance along with a surfactant to distribute the mixture effectively.


Striping gives the lawn a unique look. To give it the best results, optimal sunshine is required as well as a longer in length cut/maintained yard

Double cut mowing

Mowing once does give the yard a good cut using the honda twin blade technology, however, giving the lawn a double cut ensures a nice even cut that yields better results.